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CanPlan Cancer Planner (Version 2 Undated)

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Image of CanPlan Cancer Planner (Version 2 Undated)
  • Image of CanPlan Cancer Planner (Version 2 Undated)
  • Image of CanPlan Cancer Planner (Version 2 Undated)
  • Image of CanPlan Cancer Planner (Version 2 Undated)
  • Image of CanPlan Cancer Planner (Version 2 Undated)

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Dimensions: Half a legal size paper (6.5" x 8.5")
314 page planner - 157 sheets front & back
6 months worth of UNDATED daily trackers
12 months worth of UNDATED monthly spreads
180 inspirational quotes
22 pages of interactive positivity exercises


Leather hardcover: Durable material with luxury feel
Purple elastic band closure: Security for your private information
Two color pages: All pages will be printed in purple & black
Layflat binding: Special sewn binding that allows for easy writing
Eco-friendly & Bleed-free paper: Wood free and acid free white paper you can write on with any type of pen
Two page markers in purple & black: Allows for stress free navigation so you'll never lose your spot within the planner


- Introduction: Why planning is the answer to your fight against cancer
- Important Contacts: Keep all your important contacts in one place
- Support System: Figure out who in your community can help and how
- Cancer Roadmap: Create a visual roadmap & record important milestones
- Medical Expenses Log: Keep track of all expenses related to your cancer
- Suggested Questions for Doctor & Questions Template: Communicate with your doctor by asking the right questions
- Treatment Options Evaluation: Figure out the best treatment option by weighing out the pros & cons for each
- Chemotherapy Tip Sheet: Fight chemotherapy side effects with these tips
- Appointment Tracker: Take notes at every appointment so you can refer to them later
- Blood Cell Tracker: Keep track of your main blood cells to see if you're making progress
- Cancer Fighting Diet Tip Sheet: Figure out which foods are fighting cancer and which foods are feeding it
- Juicing Tip Sheet: Get tips on how to start juicing
- Tips From Cancer Survivors: 3 cancer survivors explain what they did to beat cancer
- Resources & Support: Every cancer resource you'll ever need
- Goal Setting & Planning: Figure out your goals for your physical/mental health, relationships, work & finances
- Mind Map Exercise: Figure out your short & long term goals and keep yourself accountable for reaching them
- Undated Monthly Spread (12 months worth): Fill in your monthly layout and keep track of important dates
- Daily Tracker: Become the expert about your cancer by keeping track of everything related to it
- Monthly Recap: Analyze what's working & not working in your treatment plan
- Positivity Tip Sheet: How to stay positive in your cancer journey
- Positivity Exercises: Exercises to help you combat against negativity
- 20 Day Gratitude Challenge: Cultivate gratitude so that you remain optimistic
- Letter To Cancer: Write a letter to cancer before and after treatment
- Thoughts & Reflection: Allow CanPlan to become your cancer diary so that you may share your story with them one day
- Notes: Write all your research notes
- Wall Of Recognition & Works Cited