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CanPlan PDF Download (Undated Version)


Image of CanPlan PDF Download (Undated Version)
  • Image of CanPlan PDF Download (Undated Version)
  • Image of CanPlan PDF Download (Undated Version)
  • Image of CanPlan PDF Download (Undated Version)
  • Image of CanPlan PDF Download (Undated Version)

This is a PDF download of CanPlan that you could reference on your computer or get printed out. Please make sure to print on legal size paper for best results.

Also note that this is the newest edition of the planner so the format of the daily trackers have changed. It is completely undated and features new pages.


Dimensions: Half a legal size paper (6.5" x 8.5")
314 page planner - 157 sheets front & back
6 months worth of UNDATED daily trackers
12 months worth of UNDATED monthly spreads
180 inspirational quotes
22 pages of interactive positivity exercises


Important Contacts
Support System
Cancer Roadmap
Medical Expenses Log
Suggested Questions for Doctor & Questions Template
Treatment Options Evaluation
Chemotherapy Tip Sheet
Appointment Tracker
Blood Cell Tracker
Cancer Fighting Diet Tip Sheet
Juicing Tip Sheet
Tips From Cancer Survivors
Resources & Support
Goal Setting & Planning
Mind Map Exercise
Undated Monthly Spread (12 months worth)
Daily Tracker
Monthly Recap
Positivity Tip Sheet
Positivity Exercises
20 Day Gratitude Challenge
Letter To Cancer
Thoughts & Reflection (Blank sheets for journaling)
Notes (Blank sheets to write research notes)
Wall Of Recognition & Works Cited

- Introduction: Why planning is the answer to your fight against cancer
- Important Contacts: Keep all your important contacts in one place
- Support System: Figure out who in your community can help and how
- Cancer Roadmap: Create a visual roadmap & record important milestones
- Medical Expenses Log: Keep track of all expenses related to your cancer
- Suggested Questions for Doctor & Questions Template: Communicate with your doctor by asking the right questions
- Treatment Options Evaluation: Figure out the best treatment option by weighing out the pros & cons for each
- Chemotherapy Tip Sheet: Fight chemotherapy side effects with these tips
- Appointment Tracker: Take notes at every appointment so you can refer to them later
- Blood Cell Tracker: Keep track of your main blood cells to see if you're making progress
- Cancer Fighting Diet Tip Sheet: Figure out which foods are fighting cancer and which foods are feeding it
- Juicing Tip Sheet: Get tips on how to start juicing
- Tips From Cancer Survivors: 3 cancer survivors explain what they did to beat cancer
- Resources & Support: Every cancer resource you'll ever need
- Goal Setting & Planning: Figure out your goals for your physical/mental health, relationships, work & finances
- Mind Map Exercise: Figure out your short & long term goals and keep yourself accountable for reaching them
- Undated Monthly Spread (12 months worth): Fill in your monthly layout and keep track of important dates
- Daily Tracker: Become the expert about your cancer by keeping track of everything related to it
- Monthly Recap: Analyze what's working & not working in your treatment plan
- Positivity Tip Sheet: How to stay positive in your cancer journey
- Positivity Exercises: Exercises to help you combat against negativity
- 20 Day Gratitude Challenge: Cultivate gratitude so that you remain optimistic
- Letter To Cancer: Write a letter to cancer before and after treatment
- Thoughts & Reflection: Allow CanPlan to become your cancer diary so that you may share your story with them one day
- Notes: Write all your research notes
- Wall Of Recognition & Works Cited